About RockShine

RockShine, established in 2021, is an international brand specializing in ergonomic headphones that elevate the music experience for indoor and outdoor activities. Our team's collaboration and dedication led us to discover air conduction technology, which revolutionizes comfort and allows users to wear our headphones effortlessly throughout the day. We prioritize comfort, sound quality, and affordability, making air conduction the perfect choice for creating a liberating music experience.

RockShine Team

Our founder, Colin, a racing driver and music enthusiast, ensures our products meet the highest standards with his attention to detail and sense of brand style. Ricky, an outdoor sports enthusiast with chip industry expertise, has optimized our solutions with high-end speakers, Bluetooth chips, and dynamic equalization algorithms for a balanced audio experience. Peng, our co-founder, leads the product evaluation team, conducting meticulous testing and evaluation.

Enjoy Music with RockShine

With David's management experience and Young's technical expertise, we provide comprehensive support services to our users. Our research includes testing acoustic shell materials, developing outdoor-friendly acoustic chambers, ensuring technical compatibility between chips and speakers, and implementing audio equalization algorithms. When you wear RockShine headphones, music blends harmoniously with ambient sounds, creating a captivating experience.
RockShine accompanies you on your journey, allowing you to embrace life while basking in the warmth of the sunshine.

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